Welcome to my website, my name is Andrea. Everything on this website is my own property. Feel free to browse through the different categories of products that I have available. I have a lot of things. It will take me time to list it all. I will be here every day listing. You can make me an offer by adding any product to the cart. Fill out the form and in the comments field add your offer. All shipping details related to my products are below along with extra information you might be interested in knowing. ッ

Free Products
If you purchase something, I will include the free products with your order and not charge the $1 handling fee described in the next paragraph. You can pick 2 free products with one order. A product that has many pictures with different products or one picture that has more then one product with it counts as one product.

If you just want free products you pay the exact USPS shipping fee and a $1 Handling Fee for each product. Depending on the product and how many free products you get, sometimes I don’t charge the handling fee for each product. Ask me

Product Condition
Sometimes my camera is terrible showing the actual color of a product or I have blurry pictures. I’m using a cell phone ッ You can always ask me about anything that is listed on this site and I will do my best describing it. Anything that states or shows measurements is estimated and may not be the exact size/ length. New products might not have the original packaging. Used products, expect imperfections, they are used itemsッ I wash or disinfect used products. Some products may need a deeper cleaning or restoration. I do a last inspection with all my things, unless stated I’m not testing it. If by chance you get something that doesn’t work contact me.

If your not 100% happy return the products and I will give back your money minus the shipping fees, In some cases I do refund the shipping fees or ship back the products or keep depending on the the situation and pick something else on my website. I will pay the shipping fee to send it to you.

I use USPS and charge the exact shipping fees. No handling fee if you purchase products.

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Four different ways to pay for products
. Cash App Preferred. If you don’t use a credit card to send payments, there is no fee. Click here to sign up and get $5 from Cash App.

2. PayPal.Me There is a fee. I don’t recommend this because of that.

3. I can email you an invoice from PayPal. I have a business account with PayPal, they will charge me a fee, something i want to avoid. However, if this is your preferred way to pay, contact me.

4. I can take payment over the phone using PayPal. The reason I don’t recommend this is not only do they charge me a fee, but it’s for your security. I have a cell phone. PayPal says what I access is safe, you never know these days. If you still want to pay this way, call 1-501-261-0505.

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